Manage, monetize, and deliver your live, linear, and VOD content on all of your platforms with ease using our Content Management System (CMS). With a wealth of standard features and functionality, it gives you all the tools to manage your content effectively across all of the devices you stream to. Depending on your needs, we can also customize it to meet any unique requirements.

  • LIVE

Create publishing points for multiple bitrate profiles, enable DVR archiving, set bandwidth limits, and upload schedule/EPG information. View detailed statistics, generate streaming paths to your content in all formats (RTMP, HLS, RTSP, etc.), and embed your stream into any website with a device-detecting player. Set geo-restrictions and configure token authentication security, then publish your streams on the platforms of your choice. All this, and much more, is possible with our content management system for live streams.

  • VOD
    Upload videos via FTP or web, then publish them on the devices of your choice, adding titles, categories, descriptions, thumbnails, searchable metadata, and more via our Online Video Platform. Generate adaptive bitrate streaming paths to each video in all formats to easily integrate them anywhere. Create pre-roll ads, let subscribers watch your videos for a monthly fee, or charge any price you want for pay-per-view access to generate revenue from your content. Secure and geo-restrict your content to protect it.
    Upload video assets, then arrange them to generate a 24/7 linear stream. Schedule as many days in advance as you want and stream to any device. Manage exactly when you programs air, and start from any file if necessary. Trans-code your stream for adaptive bitrate integration or to convert it for satellite/terrestrial broadcast delivery. Our Playout system has seamless transitions between videos to ensure viewers receive a broadcast-quality experience on all platforms.