Live Event Streaming

A reliable streaming infrastructure is crucial for event streaming. Unlike a static video, this is live, so there is no rewind or catch-up if the stream hits a snag. Dstreamone’s infrastructure was built specifically to provide the highest quality, most reliable live streaming possible, so event streaming is where we excel. Whether you’re streaming the local high school soccer game or a massive concert, we’ll help you package, monetize, and deliver your content to get it in front of audiences of any size, all over the world, on any screen.


When you’re out in the field, the equipment and internet connection you have aren’t always optimal for streaming. We help you find the best configuration and test with you to make sure everything is running smoothly ahead of the event.



ABR is crucial to ensure that all viewers can watch your stream without buffering. We transcode your stream in the cloud to as many profiles as you need, so that you can use your uplink bandwidth to provide the highest quality source possible.

Your live event is delivered via Dstreamone’s Video Delivery Network (VDN), engineered to provide the best possible live streaming experience along the world’s fastest backbones using route optimization technology.



Charge pay-per-view fees for access to your content, provide your past archives for a subscription, or run pre-roll,post-roll & overlay ads to generate revenue. We give you all the tools you need to monetize your content in a multitude of ways.



We’ll help you lock down internal streams so only approved viewers have access to them. We also use token authentication so no one can share your live stream or watch it on an app or website not authorized by you.



See detailed stats during and after your stream that help you make real-time and post-event adjustments. Know exactly who’s watching your stream, where, on what device, and for how long with Dstreamone’s analytical suite.



Let viewers rewind instantly to catch up on anything they missed with Dstreamone’s cloud-based DVR. Your live event is recorded in real-time and the player lets viewers scroll back to any moment in time.


You don’t want event day to be a dry run of your streaming solution. We’ll help you pick out an encoder and run extensive tests from your uplink location until you’re satisfied that everything is stable and ready to go. We’ll also help you customize your stream, including the ABR profiles, player, and anything else.

Our event streaming is done on a high capacity infrastructure of streaming platforms. We can provide full redundancy of streaming components and allocate sufficient resources to handle any potential spillover in case your event exceeds expected traffic. We also make sure every component (including the player, web assets, apps, etc.) is prepared to handle large numbers of viewers.

Our support staff is at the ready to help you with anything you need come event day, whether that’s last minute encoder tweaking or helping you troubleshoot viewer issues. We want to make sure your event goes as smoothly as possible.

Your viewers want to watch your content stutter-free, on any device, wherever they are in the world. Dstreamone’s Video Delivery Network (VDN) is built and optimized specifically for streaming video delivery and we guarantee the best possible viewing experience around the world on all devices.

We have extensive experience providing complete live streaming solutions for event producers. While our core strength is the technology behind our streaming-optimized VDN, we also provide all of the components that sometimes get overlooked. You may have a CDN that can support a million viewers for your stream, but if the website that contains your player is hosted on a server that can only handle one thousand, you’re going to end up with a crisis on your hands on event day. We provide every component of your event streaming solution, so you have the best possible and most stable experience for your viewers.