When your content is consumed on websites and applications that belong to unauthorized third parties, your bandwidth bill jumps up without any benefit to your streaming business and branding. We give you the tools to protect your intellectual property rights without compromising on the convenient and high-quality experience your legitimate viewers expect.

    We implement token authentication as a standard security feature for all content providers who want to restrict access to authorized websites and applications. Each viewer who connects to the stream via legitimate means is assigned a unique, temporary URL that cannot be replicated or used to play the stream on any other device. This protects your content from link “sniffing” and ensures that your streams cannot be posted anywhere else without your permission. It provides a high level of security without being overly intrusive or difficult to implement. Integration is quick and compatible with all devices.
  • GEO IP
    Limit access to your content to the countries and regions you have rights to through our content management system. Just select where you want viewers to be able to access your streams from. When someone connects from an unauthorized country, our system detects it and blocks them from watching.