Video Content Producer & Aggregators

Our online video platform (OVP) includes everything you need to host, manage, stream, and monetize your TV shows, films, instructional videos, and any other recorded content. All you need to do is provide the content, and we’ll help you get it on all screens for viewers worldwide. We can help you generate subscription and pay-per-view revenue from your content and start your own pay-TV business or create your own Netflix.


All videos are hosted securely on Dstreamone’s servers and can be managed easily using our web content management system (CMS). Users can also batch upload and manage files and folders via FTP client.

The user-friendly CMS allows for convenient uploading, removal, and publication of videos. A multi-device embed code is generated for each uploaded video, and can be used to insert a streaming VOD asset into any website. Videos can also be published to websites and applications automatically, with a tool that lets you add titles, descriptions, thumbnails, and other data for display.

Uploaded videos are automatically transcoded into streaming formats needed for delivery to all devices (including HLS, RTMP, RTSP, HDS, Smooth, etc.). VOD assets are streamed globally using Dstreamone’s Video Delivery Network. Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) technology can be used to deliver videos in multiple qualities for smooth delivery to users on all types of internet connections.

Generate revenue by providing your video library for a monthly subscription fee, charging pay-per-view rental fees for streamed videos, and inserting ads into your VOD assets, all possible with Dstreamone’s video monetization system. Our monetization and billing solutions are compatible with web and custom applications that we develop for all platforms.

Find out who your viewers are, what devices they’re watching from, where they’re located, and much, much more with Dstreamone’s Streaming Analytics Suite. Dstreamone analytics lets you access real-time and past data to make informed decisions about your content and monetization strategy.




We provide your video hosting, transcoding, delivery, content management, monetization, and even develop the websites and applications your viewers use to watch it. All this ensures guaranteed stability of the entire system, content security, rapid support, and significant cost savings versus piecing together a modular solution with a variety of vendors.

Since the solution is fully integrated, everything is easily managed via a unified control panel. Your content management system lets you do everything, including upload video assets, publish them to all of your platforms, manage things like thumbnails and metadata, and control how your content is monetized (e.g. setting video rental prices).

When your business is generating revenue from streamed video content, nothing is more important than the stability of your technical infrastructure. A problem anywhere in the chain; from the encoders, to the network, to the end-user apps, can lead to unsatisfied customers and lost business. We know this, which is why our streaming architecture is designed for the highest-possible level of stability.

Time to market is a huge factor in an ever-growing industry. You want to get your streaming platform and brand out there as soon as possible. We can have a complete, fully-customized IPTV OTT solution up and running for you in as little as two weeks.

We are one of the few CDNs to own and operate our own data centers, giving us full control of the network infrastructure, which we built from the ground up to work optimally for global video streaming to all devices. We use route optimization so that every stream follows the optimal network path to each viewer along only the major tier 1 backbones we use to deliver content.