• ABR
    Take advantage of adaptive bitrate technology to make your live, linear, and VOD content more accessible than ever. We trans-code your files and streams into different profiles, then provide adaptive players that detect the internet connection of your viewers and adjust the quality to ensure a stable, stutter-free experience.
    We can transcode your files and live/linear streams to almost any format or codec. If you’re delivering to a lot of different platforms, including traditional media that isn’t compatible with common streaming formats, rest assured that you won’t need expensive hardware or significant resources on your end. Just provide us one source and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • DVR
    Use our Cloud DVR functionality to automatically record your live and linear channels. Archived content is made available instantly on the web player and all of your custom applications. Increase viewer satisfaction by giving them full control of where, when, and on what device they watch your content.
    Ensure a consistent viewing experience around the world by time-shifting your linear streams. That way, prime-time is the same no matter where your audience is, making it easy for you to target your content effectively and cater to the schedules of your global viewers.